RAK831 LoRa/LoRaWAN Gateway Module
  • Rak831 lora lorawan gateway module 433 868 915mhz base on sx1301 wireless spread spectrum transmission range
  • Rak831 lora lorawan gateway module 433 868 915mhz base on sx1301 wireless spread spectrum transmission range %281%29
  • Lora gateway concentrator module kit rak831 base on sx1301 433 868 915mhz wireless spread spectrum transmission

RAK831 LoRa/LoRaWAN Gateway Module

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  • Operating Voltage : DC 5V
  • Frequency Band : 433MHz / 868MHz / 915MHz
  • Operating Temperature : -40°C to +85°C
  • Radio Chipset : SX1301
  • RF Output Power : 23dBm
  • Input Signal : Up to -142.5dBm (@293bps)
  • Receiver Sensitivity : Up to -142.5dBm (@293bps)
  • GPS Receiver : Optional
  • SNR handling : 9dB
  • Control Interface : SPI
  • Dimension: 80mm*50mm*5 mm
  • Firmware : Gateway HAL
  • Range: Up to 15KM


☼ FCC and CE Certified

☼ Frequency band 433MHz/868MHz/915MHZ

☼ Sensitivity: down to -138dBm,Output Power up to 20dbm

☼ open 8 channels uplink and 1 channel downlink for Makers

☼ SX1301 based processor

☼ USB or SPI interface


RAK831 is a RF front end of a LoRa™ gateway. It is able to receive on different frequency channels at the same time and is able to demodulate the LoRa™ signal without knowledge of the used spreading factor of the sending node.

With the compact design, this is a ideal modular products to help you realize the whole Lora system development. With the USB-SPI converter module FT2232, you can quickly to make the software development in your PC. But also, you can integrate the concentrator module to your production product to realize the Lora gateway function. This is very economic way to address for a huge variety of applications like Smart Grid, Intelligent Farm, intelligent Farm and Other IoT applications.

The RAK831 needs a host system like Raspberry Pi or WisAP(OpenWRT based) or WisCam for proper operation. The host processor can be a PC or MCU that will be connected to RAK831 via USB or SPI.

Application diagram



☼ Base on  Semtech SX1301.
☼ Sensitivity down to -142.5 dBm.
☼ Support the frequency bands 433M/868M/915M.
• 433M with 2x SX1255 as Tx/Rx front-ends
• 868M/915M with 2x SX1257 as Tx/Rx front-ends
☼ USB & SPI interface.
☼ Output power level up to 23 dBm Range up to 15 km (Line of Sight).
☼ RF interface optimized to 50ohm allowing for simple system integration.
☼ Support 10 channels(8 downlink channel and 1 uplink channel) and 1 FSK channel.
☼ Temperature range from -40 to 85 degree.
☼ Compact size 80.0 x 50.0 x 5.0mm.
☼ HAL is available form.


Block Diagram

SX1301 Chip

Pin out Description

Ideal Solution

RAK831 is ideal solution to work with Open Source Hardware

☼ RAK831 with Raspberry Pi 3
☼ RAK831 with WisNode LoRa


☼ Smart Irrigation.
☼ Smart Metering.
☼ Wireless Star Networks.
☼ Home-,Building-,Industrial automation.
☼ Remote Control.
☼ Wireless Sensors.
☼ M2M, IoT.
☼ Wireless Alarm and Security Systems.

User Manual

The user manual from RAK Wireless introduced how to use the LoRaWan Getaway concentrator module it includes how to buildup hardware, how to test hardware and so on.

Document release

RAK831 Specification RAK831 Quick Start Guide 3D File


Type Frequency
RAK831_433 433MHz
RAK831_868 868MHz
RAK831_915 915MHz